Part of Human Resource Department Requirements for Clearance

by Center for e-learning Services (CeLS) -

For Teachers Only

Employment Update
File:            HRF-Employment-Update-Form.docx (Please refer to the attachment)
File name: Last Name, First Name--Employment Update
Example:   de Luna, Christopher--Employment Update
Email to:

Chairperson/Administrator Evaluation
(Please evaluate all that are applicable)

Self Evaluation

LMS Orientation

by Center for e-learning Services (CeLS) -

LMS orientation for all college students (Old, New, Transferee) will be on January 31, 2022 at 2:00 PM. No more schedule in the morning.

We will be using this MS Teams link:

See you on Monday.



School Fees Payment

by Center for e-learning Services (CeLS) -

Please be advised that we are encouraging you to settle your balances for last School Year 2019-2020, Summer 2020 and this School Year 2020-2021.

 To avoid any inconveniences to you and to LCCM, please pay your balances indicated on your Student Portal.

 You may conveniently pay your balance by the following payment options:

 Ways to Pay School Fees

If payment has been made prior to receipt of this email, please disregard this notice.

 Should you have further queries about your account, please call LCCM Finance at (02) 8736-0261 or email us at

 Very sincerely yours,

 LCCM Management