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Electronic Clearance Form

by Center for e-learning Services (CeLS) -
Here are links  to the Electronic Clearance Form (ECF) compliance

I.   Electronic Clearance Form (ECF)

II.  Evaluations

A.  Blue Sky (Moodle):

 B.  MS Teams:

 C.  Electronic Class Record (ECR):

III.  Inventory

 A.   Networks and Linkages:

 B.  Creative Works:

how to Login your account to MS Teams

by Center for e-learning Services (CeLS) -

To Login:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your account
  3. Password: Qwe12345!
  4. Change password immediately after login

Once Your already Login:

  1. Your MS Office applications will become licensed (laptop, cellphone, online, offline)
  2. 2. Provides protection against viruses and malicious wares
  3. 3. You can save files in the cloud server of Microsoft (unlimited files)

MS Teams link to the LCCM Blue Sky (LMS)  Orientation will be posted here.

Center for E-learning Services

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